The Artful Diner Review

The decorative metamorphosis is quite becoming — and the personable service more than up to snuff — but it is the superior quality of the cuisine that sparks the imagination of the culinary cognoscenti. Mr. Gualtieri and his able sous chef, Aaron Philipson, have assembled an impressive array of innovative Italian offerings complemented by occasional international dots and dashes. Presentations are generous without being grandiose, attractively eye-catching without becoming eyesores. Proportions — flavors, colors, textures — are all right in sync....
Mr. Gualtieri is also quite proficient in the dessert department. But even if you’re not in the mood to assuage your sweet tooth, be sure to conclude your evening at table with a potent espresso ($3.00)... one of the best I’ve sampled in recent memory.
..Once you’ve succumbed to its considerable culinary charms, this (relatively) undiscovered jewel is certain to woo you back again and again. Highly recommended on all counts.
— The Artful Diner